Kavi Mailing List Manager Help

Table of Contents

I. Concepts
1. Introduction to Kavi Mailing List Manager Help
2. Mailing Lists and Aliases
3. Managing Your Mailing List Subscriptions
4. Posting Messages to a Mailing List
5. Composing Email to Post to a List
6. Email Commands
7. How Email Really Works
8. Mailing List Moderation
9. How to Moderate a Mailing List
10. Managing Mailing Lists
11. Managing Aliases
12. How Mailing Lists Work
13. Subscription Types and Subscriber Lists
14. All About Dynamic Members Mailing Lists
15. Mailing List Archives
16. Access Control
17. Application Integration
18. What You Need to Know About Spam
19. Virus Scanning and Spam Blocking
20. How to Add a Mailing List
21. Mailing List Use Cases and Sample Configurations
22. Mailing List Policy and Usage Statements
23. Changing List Type Options
24. Logging and Reports
25. Mailing Lists and Ezmlm
26. List Types
27. Adding and Editing Custom List Types
II. Troubleshooting Guide
28. Introduction to Troubleshooting Email
29. Access the Full Header for Email Troubleshooting
30. Analyzing Email
31. Bounces and Automated Bounce Handling
32. Site Response
33. How to Use the Email Troubleshooting Flowcharts
34. Help, I Can't Unsubscribe!
35. Why Didn't Bob Get this Email?
36. Email Seems Slow, What Is Going On?
37. How Did this Message Get Through?
38. What Does this Message Mean?
39. Who Received this Message?
40. Why Did I Get this Email from your Organization?
III. Kavi Mailing List Manager FAQ
41. KaviŽ Mailing List Manager FAQ for Users
42. KaviŽ Mailing List Manager FAQ for Administrators
IV. Kavi Mailing List Manager User Tools
43. My Mailing Lists
44. Mailing List Home
45. List Archives
V. Kavi Mailing List Manager Admin Tools
46. Add a Mailing List
47. Manage Mailing Lists
48. Edit a Mailing List
49. Delete a Mailing List
50. Members Mailing Lists
51. Add a Dynamic Mailing List
52. Manage a Dynamic Members Mailing List
53. Edit a Dynamic Members Mailing List
54. Delete a Dynamic Members Mailing List
55. Mailing List Home
56. Edit Mailing List Cross-Posters
57. Add Subscribers
58. Edit Mailing List Subscribers
59. Edit a Public Subscriber's Email Address
60. Manage Subscriptions
61. Add an Alias
62. Manage Aliases
63. Edit an Alias
64. Delete an Alias
65. Subscriber Report
66. Inactive Subscriber Report
67. Subscriber Logs
68. Bounce Report
69. Mail Delivery Logs
70. Full Logs
71. Mail Transfer Agent Status
72. Moderate Pending Messages
73. View/Moderate Pending Message
74. List/Alias Name Lookup
75. Examine Mail Headers
VI. Kavi Mailing List Manager Super Admin Tools
76. Manage List Types
77. Add a List Type
78. Edit a List Type
79. Delete a List Type
80. Change List Type Status
81. View a List Type
82. Edit Mailing List Text
83. Set Maximum Allowed Message Size
84. Synchronize Lists
85. Configure Bounce Report Summary
VII. Appendix
A. Default Email, Mailing List and System Aliases
B. Default List Types
C. Announce Only
D. Closed Private Discussion
E. Moderated Private Discussion
F. Moderated Subscribers-Only Discussion
G. Moderated Public Discussion
H. Newsletter
I. Public Discussion
J. Query-driven Announcements
K. Kavi Mailing List Manager Default Role
L. Ezmlm Quick Reference Guide
M. List Features
N. Mail Log Samples
O. Posting Access
P. Sample Policy and Usage Statement

List of Tables

6.1. Email Commands
13.1. Rules for the Regular Subscriber List
13.2. Rules for the Digest Subscriber List
13.3. Rules for the Moderator List
13.4. Rules for Cross-Posters, Posters and Allow Subscriber Lists
13.5. Rules for the Deny Subscriber List
14.1. Query Components
14.2. Subscriber Types
21.1. Standard configuration for Announcements
21.2. Standard configuration for Closed Private Discussions
21.3. Standard configuration for Moderated Private Discussions
21.4. Standard configuration for Moderated Public Discussions
21.5. Standard configuration for Moderated Subscriber-Only Discussions
21.6. Standard configuration for Newsletters
21.7. Standard Configuration for Public Discussions
38.1. Bounce messages
38.2. Ezmlm fatal failure messages
38.3. Other fatal failure messages
38.4. Temporary failure messages
82.1. ezmlm Template Variables
A.1. qmail Aliases
A.2. qmail Aliases for newsletters
A.3. qmail aliases for moderated lists
A.4. qmail Aliases for digests
A.5. System aliases
B.1. Default List Types Matrix
C.1. Announce Only Posting Access
C.2. Announce Only Subscription Access
C.3. Announce Only Archive Access
D.1. Closed Private Discussion Posting Access
D.2. Closed Private Discussion Subscription Access
D.3. Closed Private Discussion Archive Access
E.1. Moderated Private Discussion Posting Access
E.2. Moderated Private Discussion Subscription Access
E.3. Moderated Private Discussion Archive Access
F.1. Moderated Subscribers-Only Discussion Posting Access
F.2. Moderated Subscribers-Only Discussion Subscription Access
F.3. Moderated Subscribers-Only Discussion Archive Access
G.1. Moderated Public Discussion Posting Access
G.2. Moderated Public Discussion Subscription Access
G.3. Moderated Public Discussion Archive Access
H.1. Newsletter Posting Access
H.2. Newsletter Subscription Access
H.3. Newsletter Archive Access
I.1. Public Discussion Posting Access
I.2. Public Discussion Subscription Access
I.3. Public Discussion Archive Access
J.1. Query-driven Announcements Posting Access
K.1. Default Role
L.1. Key to Default Settings
L.2. ezmlm-make Arguments
O.1. Posting Access Matrix