KaviŽ Members Help

Table of Contents

I. Kavi Members Concepts and How-tos
1. Member Management for Your Organization's Website
2. Managing Companies and Users
3. Addresses
4. Managing Addresses
5. Purpose
6. Rosters and Directories
7. Logging
8. How to Configure Kavi Members
9. Accepted Domains
10. User and Company Privacy Options
11. Access
12. Status, Activation and Deletion
13. Roles
14. Types: Company, User and Contact Types
15. Company Types
16. Contact Types
17. User Types
18. How to Manage Access
19. Company Representative Signup
20. Scheduled Email
21. How to Schedule Email
22. Using Website Tools to Send Email Manually
23. How to Add Records through Upload Data
24. How to Edit and Delete Records through Upload Data
25. How to Add Memberships through Upload Data
26. How to Change Purpose
27. Creating Custom Reports in Report Builder
28. Kavi Membership
29. Membership Workflow
30. Membership Configuration Overview
31. Membership Application Processes
32. Membership Renewal
33. Membership Auto-Renewal
34. Billed Memberships
35. End-of-Membership Processes
II. Kavi Members Public Area Tools
36. Company Representative Signup
37. Company Membership Application
38. Individual Membership Application
39. Membership Status
40. Review Application
41. Membership Renewal
42. Membership Renewal Form
43. Reset Password
44. Choose a New Username and Password
45. View Access Configuration
III. Kavi Members User Tools
46. Edit Your Account
47. Change Password
48. Manage Memberships
49. Company Roster
IV. Kavi Members Company Tools
50. Edit a Company
51. Add a User
52. Edit a User
53. Change User Status
54. User Activity History
55. Manage Company Roster
56. Manage Memberships
V. Kavi Members Directories and Rosters
57. Limit Companies
58. Limit Users
59. Configure Company Directory
60. Configure User Directory
61. Configure Roster
62. Manage Status
63. Edit Text
VI. Kavi Members Reports
64. Run a Report
65. User Activity History
66. User Activity Log
67. Company Activity History
68. Company Activity Log
69. Full Activity Log
70. Companies Over Time Graph
71. Users Over Time Graph
72. Users and Companies by Type Graph
73. Membership Expiration Over Time Graph
74. Membership by Type Graph
VII. Kavi Members Admin Tools
75. Add a User
76. Manage a User
77. Edit a User
78. Edit a User—Manage Applications Tools
79. Delete a User
80. Change Username and Password
81. Change User Status
82. Add User Activity Record
83. Add a Company
84. Manage a Company
85. Edit a Company
86. Edit a Company—Manage Applications Tools
87. Delete a Company
88. Change Company Status
89. Add Company Activity Record
90. Company Representative Applications
91. Manage a Company Representative Application
92. Individual Membership Applications
93. Manage an Individual Membership Application
94. Company Membership Applications
95. Manage a Company Membership Application
96. Send Simple Email
97. Send Template Blast to Users
98. Send Template Blast to Company Representatives
99. View Email Schedule
100. View a Scheduled Email
101. Edit an Individual Membership
102. Renew an Individual Membership
103. Replace an Individual Membership
104. Delete an Individual Membership
105. Edit a Company Membership
106. Renew a Company Membership
107. Replace a Company Membership
108. Delete a Company Membership
VIII. Kavi Members Super Admin Tools
109. Set Organizational Properties
110. Configure Company Representative Signup
111. Configure Privacy Options
112. View Access Configuration
113. Manage Roles
114. Add a Role
115. Edit a Role
116. Delete a Role
117. Manage User Types
118. Add a User Type
119. Edit a User Type
120. Delete a User Type
121. Manage Company Types
122. Add a Company Type
123. Edit a Company Type
124. Delete a Company Type
125. Manage Contact Types
126. Add a Contact Type
127. Edit a Contact Type
128. Delete a Contact Type
129. Configure Global Membership Applications
130. Manage Company Membership Types
131. Add Company Membership Type
132. Edit Company Membership Type
133. Delete Company Membership Type
134. Configure Company Membership Applications
135. Manage Individual Membership Types
136. Add Individual Membership Type
137. Edit an Individual Membership Type
138. Delete Individual Membership Type
139. Configure Individual Membership Applications
140. Configure Addresses
141. Manage Company Address Types
142. Manage User Address Types
143. Add an Address Type
144. Edit an Address Type
145. Delete an Address Type
146. Deactivate an Address Type
147. Activate an Address Type
148. Manage Email Schedule
149. Manage a Scheduled Email
150. Schedule an Email
151. Edit a Scheduled Email
152. Delete a Scheduled Email
153. Change Scheduled Email Status
154. Manage Email Templates
155. Add an Email Template
156. Edit an Email Template
157. Delete an Email Template
158. Upload Data
159. Manage Activity Types
160. Add an Activity Type
161. Manage Fields
162. Add a Data Field
163. Edit a Data Field
164. Delete a Data Field
165. Report Builder
166. Manage a Report
167. Add a Report
168. Clone a Report
169. Edit a Report
170. Delete a Report
171. Change Report Status
172. ANSI Interest Category
173. Change a Company's Purpose
174. Change a User's Purpose
175. Check Data Integrity
176. Generate Login Keys
177. Delete Logs
178. Configure Kavi Members: All Options
179. Installed Member Directories and Rosters
IX. Appendix
A. Preparing CSV Files for Upload Data
B. Address Data Fields
C. Predefined Company Data Fields
D. Predefined Membership Data Fields
E. Predefined User Data Fields
F. Field Types
G. Kavi Members Report Types
H. Kavi Members Default Roles
I. Kavi Members Default Types
J. Kavi Members Default Scheduled Email and Templates
K. Kavi Members Email Template Variables
L. Company and User Purpose Compatibility

List of Tables

4.1. Address Variables
5.1. Company Purpose Descriptions
5.2. User Purpose Descriptions
5.3. Corresponding Purposes
13.1. Types, Roles and Access Areas
14.1. Categories
15.1. Configuring Company Type Options
16.1. Purpose-based Contact Types Descriptions
16.2. Configuring Contact Type Options
17.1. Configuring User Type Options
23.1. Fields Required by Upload Data Add Operations
23.2. Other Fields Required for Add Operations
23.3. Sample data file for adding companies
23.4. Sample data file for adding users
24.1. Fields Required by Upload Data for Editing Companies
24.2. Other Required Fields for Editing Companies
24.3. Fields Required by Upload Data to Edit Users
24.4. Other Fields Required to Edit Users
24.5. Required fields
24.6. Required fields
25.1. Membership Fields
25.2. Sample Data File: Add Companies with Memberships
25.3. Sample Data File: Editing Companies to Add Memberships
26.1. Supported Company Purpose Changes: Member Company
26.2. Supported Company Purpose Changes: Nonmember Company
26.3. Supported Company Purpose Changes: Company for Individuals
26.4. Supported Company Purpose Changes: Staff Company
26.5. Supported User Purpose Changes: Company Representative
26.6. Supported User Purpose Changes: Individual Member
26.7. Supported User Purpose Changes: Individual Nonmember
26.8. Supported User Purpose Changes: Staff Persion
26.9. Member Company/Company Representative to:
26.10. Nonmember Company/Company Representative to:
26.11. Upload Nonmember Company/Nonmember Individuals to:
26.12. Upload Company for Individuals/Individual Member Purpose Changes
26.13. Company for Individuals/Individual Nonmember to:
27.1. Quarterly Membership Report Settings
27.2. Primary Contacts Report Settings
27.3. Individual Membership Renewals Report Settings
27.4. Current Member Companies Report Settings
29.1. Membership Workflow States
29.2. Billing and Moderation Workflow Scenarios
29.3. Analyzing Membership Type Workflow
29.4. Sample Membership Workflow State Messages
30.1. Global Membership Application Form Options
30.2. Company Membership Application Options
30.3. Individual Membership Application Options
30.4. Application Form Availability Options
35.1. Determining Privileges of Active Lapsed Members
35.2. Membership Renewed before Expiration
35.3. Membership Lapses but Grace Period Is in Effect
35.4. Membership Is Archived, but Member Remains Active
35.5. Membership Is Archived and Member Is Deactivated
75.1. User Purposes and Data Requirements
110.1. Moderation and accepted domains interactions
B.1. Address Data Fields
C.1. Company Data Fields
D.1. Membership Data Fields
E.1. User Data Fields
F.1. Basic Field Types
F.2. Additional Field Types
G.1. Kavi Members default Report Types
H.1. Kavi Members default roles
I.1. Default Company Types
I.2. Default Contact Types
I.3. Default User Types
J.1. Scheduled Email and Templates About Companies
J.2. Scheduled Email and Templates About Company Memberships
J.3. Scheduled Email and Templates About Company Representatives
J.4. Scheduled Email and Templates About Individual Memberships
J.5. Scheduled Email and Templates About Users
J.6. Default Email Templates
K.1. Organization Template Variables
K.2. Company Template Variables
K.3. Organization Template Variables
K.4. Membership Template Variables
K.5. User Template Variables
L.1. User/Company Purpose Compatibility Matrix